Repossession & Remarketing


We know that you take all the steps to properly underwrite and collect on your loans. Unfortunately, some customers cannot, or simply will not, fulfill their end of the agreement.
Your only solution may be to repossess the collateral. From repossession to the point of selling the collateral at auction, there are several steps that must be taken to maximize the return and minimize your loss. Loan Portfolio Servicing specializes in streamlining this process for you, utilizing our resources to get you maximum return in less time!



Repossession Services:

Skip Tracing
  • We utilize various industry tools, and data sources to quickly locate your collateral.
Asset Recovery
  • Our network of well qualified repo companies recovers your collateral within days.

Remarketing Services:

Auction Coordination
  • Loan Portfolio Servicing closely communicates with our trusted group of auctions. We also facilitate the sales process, so you receive funds quickly.
  • Our skilled representatives work with auctions to thoroughly inspect your vehicles, and make reconditioning or repair decisions that maximize value.

Additional Services

Remarketing services also include:

  • TransportationLoan Portfolio Servicing determines which market in our nationwide auction network will bring the highest price for your particular collateral. Then, the auction arranges cost-effective transportation.
  • Live, On-Site RepresentationOur reps travel to nearly every sale to auction off your collateral for top dollar. Since remarketing is one of our specialties, we understand the market value of your assets. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will receive fair value or better for your collateral.