Customer Care


Consistently receiving quality customer care is just one way Loan Portfolio Servicing conveys to you that we care for each client and their customers. You can rest assured that your loans are being serviced properly.
We all can recall a bad customer service experience. In many cases today, customer service is of no service at all. At Loan Portfolio Servicing, we understand the frustrations of bad customer service, which is why we conduct every interaction (both client and customer) with respect and integrity.

  • Loan Portfolio Servicing one-call resolution rate meets or exceeds industry standards.


Customer Care Services:

  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website (make payments)
Experienced Phone Reps
  • Equipped with all the skills needed to handle current and newly delinquent accounts as effectively as possible.
Customized Operations
  • Manage portfolios of any size
  • Choose how we interact with your clients

Additional Services

Customer Care services also include:

  • Quality Assurance monitoringOur calls are monitored and recorded regularly. Loan Portfolio Servicing’s Compliance group also performs audits of our reps.