FORT WORTH, Texas – LPS has announced the latest expansion of the company’s rideshare portfolio servicing platform, making LPS one of the biggest and most experienced rideshare services in the nation.

Most recently, LPS has retained to service 7,000 rideshare leases belonging to two different rideshare leasing companies. Prior to those partnerships, LPS helped Uber bring its Xchange leasing program to fruition and serviced over 30,000 short-term leases through Spring 2017.

“Three years ago, this type of short-term lease product was practically non-existent. But the surging popularity of ridesharing especially among millennials – has contributed to the need for flexible lease programs,” said Scott France, executive vice president of strategic initiatives for Innovate Auto Finance and president of LPS. “From the beginning flexibility has been one of our core values. We seek to understand what our clients are trying to accomplish and develop strategies that support their vision….read on(page 28) 

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