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LPS helps maximize profits through expert third-party servicing with an exceptional customer service experience.

Loan Portfolio Servicing provides experience in loan portfolio management to lenders and investors who originate or acquire prime and non-prime auto loans. Our portfolio management services rival the best in the industry and can be tailored to your particular needs, no matter the state of your accounts.

LPS’s scalable infrastructure and flexible strategies allow us to manage portfolios of all sizes. None are too big or small.

Why pay for technology, brick and mortar and all the resources that come with it when the experts at LPS can be your service center?

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Loan Portfolio Servicing emphasizes the importance of client and customer service with all of its team members, that is why we ensure substantial experience servicing deep sub-prime and buy-here/pay-here loan and lease portfolios, as well as quality, integrity in every employee and allow direct communication among team members. As a result, our clients and their customers have a more pleasurable experience, ensuring quality service throughout the life of the engagement. 

Our expertise is in servicing sub-prime/deep sup-prime auto loan portfolios. We’ve taken the bumps and bruises so you don’t have to.  Focus on building your origination program and let us focus on which we do best, service auto loans and leases.


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Service your loans and leases with LPS.

Loan Portfolio Servicing helps maximize profits through expert third-party servicing with an exceptional customer service experience. Our services are especially attractive to lenders or investors who prefer to avoid the costs of investing in technology, brick & mortar and hiring more employees.

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