Company Profile

KAJEN, LLC dba Loan Portfolio Servicing is a privately owned boutique automotive loan servicing company, specializing in the management of sub-prime auto loans. KAJEN, LLC was formed in 2007 by it’s founder and current president Scott France. France has been in the automotive loan servicing arena for over 25 years. His industry experience includes:
  • 12 years with World Omni Financial Corporation.
  • 11 years with AmeriCredit Financial Services, where he served as their Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management.
  • 2 years at Triad Financial Corporation as the VP of Portfolio Management.
Loan Portfolio Servicing provides experience in loan portfolio management to lenders and investors who originate or acquire prime and non-prime auto loans. Our portfolio management services rival the best in the industry, and can be tailored to your particular needs, no matter the state of your accounts.

Loan Portfolio Servicing emphasizes the importance of client and customer service with all of its team members. By choosing to be a small company, Loan Portfolio Servicing is able to hand pick its team members – ensuring quality and integrity in every employee. Our size allows direct communication amongst team members, thus creating a more intimate work environment. As a result, our clients and their customers have a more pleasurable experience, ensuring quality service throughout the life of the engagement.