the leading provider of Customized servicing SOLUTIONS for loan and lease portfolios 

Specializing in the Management of Auto Loans and Leases


Our experienced collectors contact your customers and negotiate a payment solution to contribute to higher recovery rates.

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Customer Care

Consistently receiving quality customer care is just one way we convey to you that we care for each client and their customers.

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Account Administration

By truly listening to your customer, we provide the finest account administration services, saving you time and money.

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Repossession & Remarketing

With our nationwide network of top performing auctions and volume-based pricing we maximize recovery values.

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Risk Management

LPS protects your interest in the collateral, while remaining compliant to all federal and state laws, saving you the expense of outside legal counsel.

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Loss Recovery

LPS locates collateral that has been previously charged off and evaluate the costs incurred to recover in order to ensure maximum profitable recoveries.

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Title Management

LPS expertise ensure compliance with the title guidelines of all 50 states, perfecting liens, correcting titles and safely storing your records.

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This is one of the things we do best

Loan Portfolio Servicing helps dealers and lenders maximize profits through expert third-party servicing. With 8 years of positive results our team has serviced more than 2 million collateralized loans and leases across the full credit spectrum.

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Innovate Auto Finance, Loan Portfolio Servicing and Caprock Auto Remarketing are The Innovate Companies, offering bulk portfolio purchases, auto loan and lease servicing and auto remarketing services. Contact us to learn more on how we can help your business.

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